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Well My Name Is Andrew Thompson Im 16 I live in the US which i kno not many darren shan fans live. Darren Shan is by far the best author of all time I love the whole CURQUE DU FREAk series and DEMONATA. Im in the 10th grade and the cirque du freak movie was a huge letdown, sorry Darren, but i wouldve loved to see the movie follow the books more although i do want to see another cirque movie, well thats all you realy need to kno for now if wanna ask more. By the way I love making new friends so add me, message me, be my friend Cya
Favorite Music:
I basicly listen to everything but heavy metal always prevails
Favorite TV Shows:
My shows include Sons Of Anarchy, Burn Notice, and Entourage
Favorite Movies:
Taking Woodstock is a great movie so is
Favorite Books:
Cirque Du Freak is my favorite book saga Followed by the Demonata saga Thanks Darren Shan for writing some amzing books
Favorite Quotes:
Even a minute of dying is better than an eternity of nothingness. " — Darren Shan (Sons of Destiny)

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